New album on Take-Off! Records 2006

This release is on a matte finish 4 panel digipak NOT a
jewel case and contains 13 tracks (12 original + 1 cover)

      1. Payin The Price (Laufer)
      2. Sugar Fix (Kiel, Laufer Herring)
      3. Lucky Stars (Kiel)
      4. Tag Along (Laufer)
      5. All I Wanted Was You (Kiel)
      6. Twilight Calling (Kiel)
      7. Send Me A Clue (Laufer)
      8. Far From Love (Kiel)
      9. Gone Ape Man (Williams)
     10. Gamblin Fever (Kiel, Laufer, Herring)
     11. Was It Love? (Kiel)
     12. Man In The Green (Kiel, Laufer)
     13. House On Memory Lane (Laufer)

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The Two Timin' Three...

...Showcase a deft mix of rhythmic muscle and sweet melody. More than just a rockabilly trio, these boys truly succeed in creating a style all their own, making it hard to believe they're absent a drummer. Their influences span many regions and decades of recorded music from past to present, drawing inspiration from eerie gypsy swing and crooning country to driving rock and roll. Aside from being musicians, they pride themselves on their art of songwriting. With a shot of Cindy Walker, chased with Django & Cash, there are no boundaries or rules, just sheer originality and soul. So stand back as the fuse is lit for one of the hottest bands helping to bring back American Culture.

Their formation began in Boston, in late 2003, by stand-up bassist Shane Kiel and lead-guitarist Jeff Herring. After a short time playing behind a handful of other vocalists, they met lead singer Eric Laufer. After one rehearsal they immediately realized that their interests and dreams were virtually the same. With no attachments or obligations, they devoted all of their time and energy into their music. They branded themselves The Two Timin' Three, put their pennies in a jar, and hit the road.  Payin' The Price  is your opportunity to enjoy their endeavors.

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